Make Competitive Analysis
5x faster

Analyze content of product or service page and extract
Unique Value Proposition, Audience, Positioning and many more

Analyze competitors with usual flow but 5x faster

Type in URL

We will collect page content for you and extract valuable information from the page, which you usually do manually during Competitive Analysis.

Get all valuable insights

When analysis is completed you'll get key info about the page:
  • Unique value proposition and Positioning
  • Audience and Tone of Voice
  • CTA
  • Features
  • Pricing and Free usage options
  • Trust factors and Social proof

Export results to csv

You can export results and combine them into one sole spreadsheet to make comparison easier
What our users say
  • Managing Partner at Exit Strategy Mastery
    Great tool - will save a lot of time, and enable prospective founders to do a comprehensive analysis (vs spotty) prior to jumping in. Having 'been there - done that' I look forward to using this, and would encourage prospective investors to do the same. Thanks.
  • Consulting Agency, Dubai
    Super cool tool, especially for leaner orgs that want to make sure they don't miss out on their competitors' enhancements!
  • Community Marketing Manager
    In today's world, we need to do things fast, so every tool that makes things done faster is a fantastic tool
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